About Us

We are a group of twenty-something men and women, all with some relation to the disabled dating world. Some of us are disabled, and are sick of the restrictions set upon them by potential new partners that think we must date differently, simply because we are differently-abled. Some of us are fully-abled, dating someone that is disabled and once again, sick of the misconceptions flying around about the dating topic.

Having both good experiences and bad experiences has meant that we are full of great advice and snippets of helpful information on how to be successful in the disabled dating world. Whether you are disabled yourself and on the lookout for love, or you are preparing yourself for a date with a disabled person, we have answers to a lot of the questions you aren’t even sure you want to ask yet. Plus, you never know what good information you could pick up as you read around – you may just learn something new that could change your dating course forever.

Our helpful FAQ’s should answer many of the embarrassing questions you have, and at least then you won’t look stupid by asking them, but above all else, every single one of us behind the site would always suggest that honesty is the best policy. If you have a question, regardless of how stupid you might think it is, always ask your partner. There’s a pretty good chance they’ve heard the question before anyway.

As well as making sure that you are honest about your disabled dating quest, you will also need to make sure you are patient. If you want to date a disabled person, or you are disabled and dating a regular-abled single, there needs to be a certain element of patience involved. For the able-bodied half of the couple, the restrictions set about by the disability will need to be taken into consideration, and for the party with the disability, you will need to be patient for your hopeful loved one to learn how to deal with the changes needed to make your life comfortable.

It’s all about compromise, which is no different to any other kind of relationship, disability or not.

So, take on board the useful stuff we have to say, and have a good read about to find out how you can make disabled dating successful for you. You won’t ever know how close you are to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right if you don’t sign up and start looking for them, will you?

Whether you’re being set up on a blind date, or you’re looking for love in the disabled dating world online, have fun, be safe, and remember – have a sense of humour! You’ll be amazed at how far that will get you, and how many sticky situations it will help get you out of!