3 Disabled Dating Tips that Guarantee Success

Right boys and girls, if you’ve had no luck with your recent disabled dating attempts, its time to dust yourself off, get back into the ring, and try again. Just because you have had a few bad dates, doesn’t mean that you are knocked out of the match entirely, and sometimes it just pays to take a break, do some quiet reflection, and figure out what is going wrong.

Could you be meeting the wrong men?

Are you attracting the wrong women?

Are you finding that your disability is getting in the way too much, or that partners arent able to overcome it?

Whatever the reason, where there is a problem, there is always a solution, and here are the top 3 disabled dating tips that guarantee success to solve any issue:

1 – They always seem to become disinterested when they find out I have a disability, and I cant seem to date them for longer than one, occasionally two, dates.

It’s not a nice situation but sadly, we live in a society where judgments are made all too quickly, and all too easily. Rather than wondering why the dates are running away when they find out you have a disability, try asking yourself why you’re not being entirely upfront about the disability in the first place?

Rather than waiting until the first date, or just before it, to drop the bombshell that you are differently-abled, be upfront about it in your internet dating profile page, or make sure you have a photo that shows you in a wheelchair, for example, if you use one.

At least the dates won’t waste your time, turning up for one or two dates, before brushing you off and moving onto someone new.

Seriously applicants only please!

2 – They say they are fine with my disability but whenever I meet new dates, we cant seem to make it past week three or four!

Is there even the slightest chance that you could be going after the wrong kind of dates?

OK, think about this – if you are a 20-something girl in a wheelchair, that loves to munch out on junk food on Sundays with your loved one, lazing around on the couch, watching bad TV, what are you going to have in common with the 28 year old gym-freak, that hasn’t had a pizza in 6 years, or relaxed in front of the TV in months? He might be really hot, what you have nothing in common.

Maybe you’re just going after the wrong kind of man? Maybe you should try looking at men you wouldn’t normally date? You may find you have so much more in common!

3 – I cant seem to find an appropriate date-type when I agree to meet a guy from the internet!

Admittedly, sometimes it’s hard having a disability and part of coming to terms with it is the understanding that sometimes, life may go a little differently for you.

The good news is that now, many places are more disability-friendly, making dating for the disabled a whole load easier, but another great tool at your disposal is the internet. You’ll be amazed at what new and fresh ideas will pop up when you Google something like “disabled-friendly date ideas in [your town]”